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Black Hammer Brewing

Black Hammer Brewing is a newer entry to the San Francisco Craft Beer scene. I made sure to check them out during my visit, and I’m really glad that I did! Black Hammer is affiliated with Pacific Brewing Laboratory.

Be aware that at time of writing in November 2015, their brews are brewed in Nevada City, CA north of Sacramento. Black Hammer is waiting for the natural gas to be hooked up in this location at Bryant Street/Zoe Street in San Francisco when I visited. However, this location has been open for about three months now.

The bartender, “Scooter” was a really friendly guy and no joke, could pass for John Lennon easily. The tap room had a cool vibe that reminded me subtly of some tap rooms in Seattle.

I really enjoyed the art they had displayed on all the walls too. A really nice touch.

Tasting Notes

Hopportunistic #2 - 6.2% 34IBU
Citra dry hopped Extra Pale Ale
This is a good beer!

Whipnose Imperial IPA - 10% 88IBU
From Pacific Brewing Laboratory
A solid effort, would order again

Serendipitous Stout - 7.7% 35IBU
Vanilla Chocolate Stout
Seems like more vanilla than chocolate, though a tasty beer.

Bock Party - 8.2% 23IBU
Different take on a bock, but good!

Nautilus Hibiscus Saison - 5.3% 18IBU
From Pacific Brewing Laboratory
It’s a saison, but I still gave it shot.

Final thoughts

If you are in the area and looking for a cool place with something tasty that is not 21st Amendment, you should check out Black Hammer. I have a feeling that their quality, which is already good, is going to go up when they start brewing in their SoMa location here, so give them a shot!

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