Delicious Detector

Boneyard Beer

My first visit to Boneyard Beer in Bend! I finally made it!

I have been enjoying Boneyard Beer for several years now, but a visit to the brewery itself has thus far evaded me. I corrected that today…

I enjoyed several tasters samples and some great conversation with a few locals and visitors. The main point of my visit was to try anything that I could not find anywhere else, but more importantly receive the infamous BONEYARD stamp in my Delicious notebook. This was a pretty big deal for me because almost all brewing operations today have stamps for people on Ale Trails, etc. But their stamps are usually so small!! I’m guessing this is to accommodate the various passports and maps in some manner that is legible.

Naturally the producers of some of the best beers you can find anywhere are not interested in keeping up with the Jones’ when it comes to the size of their stamp!

Keep Rockin’!!