Delicious Detector

Tasting Notes March 9th 2016

by Delicious Detector

I stopped by the Beer Junction on a cold and rainy night to see what they were pouring. Here we go…

Three Magnets - Old Skook in the Woods Barley Wine

Olympia, WA
This is a pretty tasty barley wine. Especially considering the ABV… There is not a lot going on flavor wise, but I think that BJ is pouring this one a little bit too cold, if I’m being totally honest. I’m generally a fan of barley wine and have a preference for the releases that Fremont has put out in recent times. I’ve only recently heard about Three Magnets, and this is my first experience with any of their offerings.

Two Beers - Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout

Seattle, WA
12% ABV
This is a great beer if you want something strong, smooth and dark. Very solid flavor. Would order again.

Stone Brewing - Americano Stout

Escondido, Calif.
8.7% ABV
You’ll need a few sips to let this one settle on your palate. Once you are warmed up though, if you are seeking an espresso / coffee flavor, this is a solid choice.