Delicious Detector

Crows Feet Commons

I had my first lunch today at Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats. That place is awesome and it was packed. I had the Khao Soi Curry. Really good stuff. I’m now at Crows Feet Commons, and just finished my second lunch, a turkey and avocado sandwich on an Ocean Roll.

I’ve been sitting here on the back patio staring out at the Deschutes River while my dog lounges at my feet. Perfection. This is a classic place to visit here in Bend.

Crows Feet is the ultimate hybrid, and I’m in love with this place. They serve coffee, craft beer, sandwiches, and even have a bicycle shop that sells accessories! Now is a good time to mention that I need more places like Crows Feet in my life!

I just met some long distance bicyclists as well. They needed some supplies for their ride and knew this would be a good place to stop. They left Eugene, Oregon yesterday morning and just arrived in Bend a few moments ago. Their plan is to keep riding east this summer until they get too tired or the weather stops cooperating. The current goal for them is Chicago, but they might shoot for Boston!