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Kin - Hood River


Watch out for new restaurant kinks here, especially around the service. Getting good waitstaff in small towns is harder than good chefs. Be prepared for great food, but questionable timing around your meal. With a little polish, Kin will be a force to contend with in a town more known for wind-boarding and breweries, rather than expertly prepared food and service…

Main Review

Please note that Delicious Detector seeks out positive experiences as much as possible, but aims to be transparent with regards to actual experiences.

To start off this post, Kin is a new Hood River joint that just opened in 2015.

The space is very nice, and they put some effort into the decor. Stepping into Kin and hearing CCR on the sound system was giving me a really good vibe. I love CCR.

There was only one server on a holiday weekend Sunday brunch service. It was around 10am, so this was not shocking, as things might be winding down. However, service was pretty slow, so I was alarmed.

I asked no questions about the menu, I was really hungry too. When she brought some water by I was ready to order.

I ordered two items: * Waffle * French toast

I did not think the above would overwhelm our server, or anyone for that matter.

Here is a run down of the brunch experience:

Only the waffle came out. We patiently waited for the French toast to follow. When the chef commented that she was happy to see us eat all the grapes and blueberries we replied that they were really good. She explained that some guests have been leaving some of the fruit on the plate. I let her know that fruit is my thing, and that I’m always looking for more!

We then said we were looking forward to the French toast as well. Going off her reaction, it was clear that our French toast was not even started to be prepared yet.

Our server explained to us that the kitchen had misread her ticket. I think that was BS. I’m not sure I saw her write anything down in my presence, so who knows what really happened. I was really hungry, so I blacked out a few details during this mission.

Regardless, I find that unacceptable for I define as a slow Sunday morning at 10am. Morning cobwebs in your head or not, it’s hard to screw up an order with only two items and no modifications, but somehow this crew managed to do it.

The only that kept us from paying and leaving when our French toast did not come out was Creedance Clearwater Revival on shuffle play interspersed with other more current tunes.

The waffle was fabulous. Very little syrup, and it seemed like pretty good quality syrup, though maybe grade A. Grade B is the only way to go if you want real flavors.

The French toast was actually on a French Roll, probably from the fabulous Knead Bakery next store. A little crunchier than I prefer but it was good and I was happy to get more of that good fruit!