Delicious Detector

Tavern Hall

This is a joint upstairs in the infamous Bellevue Square Mall. You have to enter from the street on Bellevue Way, which makes it seem less “mall-ey.” I think I just made up a word. You walk up some winding stair cases until you see some windows. On the other side of said windows, it kind of looks like a scene from an old 40’s movie.

My visit was during late lunch time. Their black bean burger was really good. I don’t really like the vibe of this place, however, the bar top made of pennies is really cool. The craft beer selection was pretty decent for a restaurant/bar adjacent to a giant mall. The bartender was very cool. He told me that it turns into a club or something night club’ish on the weekends. I think I just made up another word again. I can’t even imagine who shows up to this place in the evening. Perhaps it’s nicer than I’m imagining.

Bottom line: Come here for the food and drinks, not the atmosphere.