Doppio - Hood River

This is a nice coffee shop in Hood River, Oregon with high ceilings, and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The wifi is strong and plenty fast enough for my needs. It’s even right next to a sweet water fountain that dogs and kids like to cool off in on hot days. Check out this place if you are looking for a good coffee shop experience in Hood River. Doppio is right next to the Hood River Distillery tasting room.

Kin - Hood River


Watch out for new restaurant kinks here, especially around the service. Getting good waitstaff in small towns is harder than good chefs. Be prepared for great food, but questionable timing around your meal. With a little polish, Kin will be a force to contend with in a town more known for wind-boarding and breweries, rather than expertly prepared food and service…

Crows Feet Commons

I had my first lunch today at Wild Rose Northern Thai Eats. That place is awesome and it was packed. I had the Khao Soi Curry. Really good stuff. I’m now at Crows Feet Commons, and just finished my second lunch, a turkey and avocado sandwich on an Ocean Roll. I’ve been sitting here on the back patio staring out at the Deschutes River while my dog lounges at my feet.

Wild Rose - Northern Thai Eats

While in Bend I made sure to check out Wild Rose Northen Thai Eats for lunch. The place was full even at 12:30. I was lucky to find a seat at the bar! I had their most well known lunch item, Khao Soi Curry. Egg noodles red onion and pickled cabbage in a coconut curry broth topped with fried crispy egg noodles, cilantro and lime. I had it with the tofu and it was really good!

In Bend

After spending some time in Eastern Washington again, I decided that a trip to Bend was needed. I had not been to Bend since NW Demo Days at Mt. Bachelor in February, and I barely got to spend any time in town on my last trip. When I arrived in town, I went immediately to Crux Fermentation Project and somehow ended up with two flights of beer over the course of a couple hours.