Seattle Restaurants


I’m not sure what took me so long to make it to Mamnoon on Capitol Hill! I really enjoyed the food and ambience here. Several menu items and a bottle of white wine were shared. I’m interested in going back for the things we were not able to try for sure. I’ve also heard about their late night counter window but never tried it out. This is something that I might do to hold me over until I do another proper visit.

Tray Fremont

First visit to Tray, a new restaurant in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. The food and service were note worthy here. The tray concept is fun, if not cute. Come here for the food and service, and don’t worry about the trays.

Jamjuree Thai Cuisine

This is a decent Thai place on 15th Ave east on Capitol Hill. Fresh rolls were really good and peanut sauce was tasty as well. Garlic noodles were done satisfactorily. plenty of garlic for sure. They serve with peas and carrots which is different than I’m used too. Did not seem like spice level 4 despite clearly ordering it that way. Would eat here again based on this limited experience. Service was incredibly good for a neighborhood Thai joint.

Tavern Hall

This is a joint upstairs in the infamous Bellevue Square Mall. You have to enter from the street on Bellevue Way, which makes it seem less “mall-ey.” I think I just made up a word. You walk up some winding stair cases until you see some windows. On the other side of said windows, it kind of looks like a scene from an old 40’s movie. My visit was during late lunch time.

Cafe Rococo

This medium size coffee shop in Kirkland deserves a special mention. They have a lot of places to sit solo, or with a friend, and the wifi is really good too. I only had one coffee there during my visit, but I really liked it. I also had some food, which was surprisingly good for a coffee shop. The staff was really helpful and friendly anytime I needed something. If you are looking for the best coffee shop in Kirkland, this is probably it.

Damn The Weather

Some time in October 2014 I checked out Damn the Weather in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. This was obviously before it was featured as a “Best new restaurant” in Seattle Magazine. Here’s what you need to know: The ice cubes there are from another planet. They are melted from the bottom up, I shit you not. These cubes will make your cocktail experience one to remember for a long time. Food: I had the sandwich with the egg placed into the bread itself.